Public Option Goes Monty Python: I’m NOT Dead Yet!

December 11, 2009 / Comments Off on Public Option Goes Monty Python: I’m NOT Dead Yet!

Poor Public Option is like the Black Knight in Monty Python’s “The Holy Grail.”  No matter how many of his arms and legs get sliced off, Brave Sir Public Option refuses to die:  

"All right then, we'll call it a Draw!"

But honestly, it takes no great insight to see through Harry Reid’s Medicare ploy.  By expanding Medicare coverage to those 55-64, Libs know that Single Payer will become pretty much inevitable.   Sooner rather than later.  The Gang of 10 in the Senate are the carpenters who built the Trojan Horse.  Pancy Nelosi and Rarry Heid are now busy rolling it up to the Gates of Troy in time for Christmas. 

40 brave men took Troy. Now we need 40 brave Senators...

Alas Brave Knights, our intrepid Lib Leaders in our legislative epic are not Odysseus & Agamemnon — but instead Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid.  And the Stalking Horse is no Trojan Horse — but instead a Wooden Rabbit:

"We leap out of the Wooden Rabbit and take Congress by surprise"


And how does this odyssey end?

Python buffs recall King Arthur and his Brave Knights rolled the Wooden Rabbit to the gates of the French Castle but forgot to secret themselves inside, so the French garrison rolls an empty Wooden Rabbit into the castle, which they immediately launch via catapult back at the Brave Knights who scurry for the woods shouting, “Run Away, Run Away, Run Away-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y.”   

Is this how our DC epic for Public Option will end?  I dunno I’m just saying….

The Al Gore – Tiger Woods Nexus

December 4, 2009 / Comments Off on The Al Gore – Tiger Woods Nexus

Is this just a matter of Pure Coincidence?

1.  Tiger Woods cancels appearance at his own Golf Tournament.

2.  Al Gore cancels appearance at Global Warming summit in Copenhagen.

I’m just saying ClimatePalooza is almost like Al Gore’s own Science Tournament. 

Why would Al skip his own tournament?  Has to be some truth to the rumors that Police were called last night to the Gore McMansion to respond to reports that Tipper chased Al from the house swinging a fistfull of Carbon Credits.

No word from MSNBC yet on whether the Salahi’s will use the Gore tickets for ClimatePalooza or whether they will crash that Par-tay too.

Joe Biden’s Big Input for West Point Speech

December 1, 2009 / Comments Off on Joe Biden’s Big Input for West Point Speech

Lotsa hoopla on MSNBC today about how Joe Biden was a critical player in setting the ‘new’ Afghan policy.  Joe’s insistence on transparency is to be applauded.  The guy is a serious player in a serious White House during serious times.  I especially like his idea of saying the Stimulus Bill created 30,000 new jobs for Americans in Afghanistan.  Absolute brilliance…

T-Shirt Non Sequitur for Amusement Only: