#HCRSummit Obama Nursery Rhyme

February 25, 2010 / Comments Off on #HCRSummit Obama Nursery Rhyme

The tall, good looking, wear a nice suit, run a nice roundtable meeting guy had a moment or two where he looked very petulant today. Not all Presidential even though he was clearly in charge. Fascinating.

Barry Barry quite contrary
Can you make HealthCare grow?
With shifting goals
And shrinking polls
And pretty BlueDawgs all in a row.

#HCRSummit = The Pompous Pomposity of Pompousness

February 25, 2010 / Comments Off on #HCRSummit = The Pompous Pomposity of Pompousness

This political theater is so bad it has me pining for the days of Bill Clinton. Someone please talk me down off the ledge.

What this Health Care Reform Summit needs is a dose of Daniel Hannan. Remember him? Conservatives in Congress could use some of his spine.

“This monstrosity, sir, is an warranted grab of 1/6 of the US economy by the devalued President of a devalued Government.”

Something like that would’ve been nice to clear the air, then we might’ve gotten some REAL bipartisan food fighting. Though I did think for a second that John McCain was gonna chuck some chow at BHO. He was looking almost like Nikita Krushschev at the UN. Only if he’d taken off his shoe and pounded it on the table.

Oh well…

Untold Big Story About Bayh #InSen Retirement

February 16, 2010 / Comments Off on Untold Big Story About Bayh #InSen Retirement

Within 15 minutes of the Evan Bayh retirement story breaking, Harold Ford was seen googling “Indianapolis Subway System” on his laptop by undercover operatives from Media Mutters.

I had expected @DustyTrice to have broken this story on HuffPost by now…

Dusty Trice is a Twitter Weenie

February 15, 2010 / Comments Off on Dusty Trice is a Twitter Weenie

I’ve never met Dusty Trice (@DustyTrice) and I guess I probably never will.

Dusty’s twitter bio line sez: Democratic Political Consultant & New Media Junkie. Worked: Franken, DNC. Featured On: Politico, Gawker, Wonkette, HuffPost, Boing Boing, Olbermann & Maddow!

My Beef You Ask?

Well, Dusty followed @GovKaineBrow who then followed back and who was then subsequently blocked by same New Media Junkie who had just followed me 20 minutes earlier. I had even rt’ed his cool post about Tom at MySpace before he blocked me. WTF?

Make up your mind, dude.

ObamaCare & Our Family Snow Day Cost-Benefit Analysis

Across Virginia and much of the country, students will get a basic Economic lesson in the form of Make-Up Snow Days.  There is no Free Lunch.  For every Benefit there is a Cost. 

My Mini-Me is grappling with the abstract concept of trade-offs with new found clarity.  Last week’s snow cancelled a scheduled sleep-over birthday party at Brendan’s.  A martial arts competition now conflicts with the rescheduled party.  “Tough call,” said Pops, “but it’s your call and you gotta make it.”

SNOW DAYS:  But worse than a Karate-Party trade-off was his realization that extra days might be added to the end of the school year.  Up to that point, Lil Brow thought Snow Days were F-R-E-E.

PIVOT:  Expecting ObamaCare to expand coverage, reduce costs and improve outcomes is kinda like believing every day can be a Snow Day.

Brendan’s party won out.

BHO Bears Full Burden of Kennedy Legacy Now

February 12, 2010 / Comments Off on BHO Bears Full Burden of Kennedy Legacy Now

Like the tall, thin, good looking, nice suit, give a good speech guy did not have enough on his plate already.

The upcoming retirement of Patrick Kennedy in Rhode Island leaves BHO as the last remaining Kennedy in elected office.

Who’da thunk?  Demon Sheep of Hyannisport are to blame.  More likely it’s the likely prospect of Patrick getting punked by his contstituents in November.  Kennedy’s 56% negatives spell D-O-O-M.

Post Mortem: Buddy Cianci is a shoe-in for Kennedy’s open seat. No one beats the Garlic Mountain — and lives to talk about it.

GhostWriters Inked Palin’s Palm says Media Matters

28 breaking news items on Twitter over a 5 hour period last night covering all angles of Sarah Palin’s PalmGate MainStream Media Crisis.

Plus a Bonus “Brush With Greatness” with our hero, Andrew Breitbart.  He’s the original No Baloney Guy.

Here’s what happens when the Guvna goes off his meds:

BREAKING: Media Matters reports GhostWriters inked Sarah Palin’s palm for TeaParty Speech…

BREAKING: CNN FactChecks ink on Sarah Palin’s palm. Reports 3 spelling errors and a death threat to Levi Johnston…

BREAKING: Andrea Mitchell reports ink on Palin’s palm donated illegally by Exxon lobbyist in CLEAR violation of ethics standards…

BREAKING: Fox News reports ink on Robert Gibbs palm says “Shake Three Times”

BREAKING: San Fran Chronicle reports ink on Barbara Boxer palm says “I worked too hard to have Sarah Palin book outsell mine 100X”

BREAKING: Maureen Dowd reports that ink stain on Harold Ford’s palm is actually a map of NYC Subway System…

BREAKING: Wall Street Journal reports ink stain on BHO’s palm sets new Red Ink record of $13 Trillion…

BREAKING: Politico reports ink stain on John Edwards hands is actually a tatoo of baby Quinn’s ultrasound test…

BREAKING: Breitbart reports ink stain on James O’Keefe palm is Mary Landrieu’s phone number…

andrewbreitbart  @GovKaineBrow comedy gold, my friend. did you write for sid caesar?

@andrewbreitbart it’s been all down hill for me after soupy sales fired me in 67

BREAKING: Reuters reports ink stain on Helen Thomas palm is older than she is…

BREAKING: WaPo reports Joe Biden only writes on his palm in Invisible Ink since he plagiarized Neil Kinnock’s speech in 1988…

BREAKING: MSNBC reports ink stain on Chris Matthews palm just tingled down his leg…

BREAKING: AP reports ink stain on Al Gore palm says “Turn Thermostat Up to High”

BREAKING: Boston Globe reports ink stain on Martha Coakley palm was Daily Kos exit polls showing her winning #MaSen by 6 points…

BREAKING: Boston Globe reports ink stain on Scott Brown palm was mileage reading from his VICTORIOUS GM truck…

BREAKING: Richmond TImes Dispatch reports ink stain on GovKaine Palm is list of all the elections he’s lost as DNC Chair…

BREAKING: HuffPo reports ink stain on Erik Holder palm reads “You have the right to remain silent, you have the right to an attorney”

BREAKING NEWS: Honolulu Times reports ink stain on BHO palm is NOT from his birth certificate…

BREAKING NEWS: Orlando Sentinel reports ink stain on Alan Grayson Palm is the rantings of a madman soon to lose his seat in Congress…

BREAKING: National Enquirer reports the ink stain on John Edwards palm is 9 or 10 phone numbers he got from Tiger Woods…

BREAKING: New Orleans Times Picayune reports ink stain on David Vitter palm says “Bet the Colts minus the Points”

BREAKING: The Charleston Post & Courier reports ink stain on Mark Sanford palm says “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina”

BREAKING: The Arkansas Gazette reports the ink stain on Bill Clinton palm is blue ink

BREAKING: The Las Vegas Sun reports nobody gives a Rats Ass if Harry Reid has an ink stain or not…

BREAKING: The Johnstown Tribune Democrat buried their story on John Murtha’s ink stain as respect for service in Marines. Too bad. Good joke

(Just think shovel ready project)

BREAKING: Chicago Tribune reports the ink stain on Rahmbo’s palm says “Soon you sleep with fishes” #TheRWord

BREAKING: Comedy Central reports the ink stain on Colbert’s palm is the crossed out list of Repubs he’s called Effing Retards this week…

BREAKING: Variety reports the ink stain on Gary Coleman palm as he got arrested said “Pitch Brewster’s Trillions Sequel” Guess who as Pryor?

(HINT: tall, lean, good looking, gives good speech)

Someone said first rule of satire is there aren’t any.  Second rule is you have to know when to quit.   Sometimes me not so good on that… Trigger just breathed his last, beaten to death.

#QuestionTime can Change the Rules…

February 3, 2010 / Comments Off on #QuestionTime can Change the Rules…

… and I think it will.  And do it for the good. #QuestionTime WILL move the Body Politic to be even more responsive to the electorate via social media. The New media love it because there’s a role for all of them in the Game: Twitter, FaceBook, Blogs, YouTube, etc. The Old media will push it. #QuestionTime will be good TV and grist for the punditry mill. Voters will support it to see some political blood sport and to determine who can handle the pressure and who can’t when it comes to defending Big Political Ideas. We might actually have a true win-win-win scenario here.

Second thought:  Both sides will play along with #QuestionTime until one of ’em has more to lose than to gain. Not the case from now til MidTerms.

Mrs. Tebow Made Her Own Choice, So Respect It Please

February 2, 2010 / Comments Off on Mrs. Tebow Made Her Own Choice, So Respect It Please

All this squealing about the Tebow SuperBowl ‘advertorial’ reflects poorly on those who promote Free Choice as an Enlightened Solution…