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Motto: Losing my credibility one day at a time.  Tis far better to be full of Blarney than full of Baloney. 

Always looking for a way.

You can call me a conservative — with a small “c” please and thanks y ou. 

Me? I’ll call myself a Frank Zappa Conservative — with a big “C” — but please don’t ask me to explain WTF that means because if you have to ask then there’s no way I can es-plain it to ya.

BobNoxious is a recovering UC Berkeley MBA who loves his country, his family and his life in Hanover County Virginia. So glad to be back in Virginny after a 16 year stint in the Peeps Republic of California.

I carry a grudge for a long time and still have not forgiven the ‘progressive’ politicians of New Jersey who’ve ruined the Garden State and who’ve destroyed the best public school system in the world, which is what NJ usta have when I grew up there.

I am still a New Jersey Snot Rag at heart and I will always be a Yankees, Giants, Rangers and Knicks fan. Well, the Knicks might get crossed of the list…

Bonny Wife, a Mini-Me for RedHeaded son, Two dogs, No fish. 

Lotsa and lotsa and lotsa good wine. Especially quality dago red from Tuscany, Piedmont and Umbria.

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  1. Jason Webb says:

    You have all sorts of issues with Obama, yet if the econony recovers, he will be a shoe-in for 2012. Who do anticipate with beat him? Sarah Palin? That seems to be the direction your party is heading in…

  2. Annieflies says:

    HAhahahahHAHAaaaa ohhhhh, Jason… ‘if the economy recovers’, lolololol…. oh I needed that, thanks.

    Bob, love the blog, just found u on twitter.

  3. Wake says:


    Yeah–if the economy recovers. Hmmm.

    Well, here’s the thing, brother. The problem is that in ordinary recessions economies typically DO recover, and not due to government Keynesian crap and handouts, glop or other taxpayer ripped Christmas goodies. So it’s hard to unweave things sometimes, and idiot pols can always rest on the laurels of how even a busted clock is right twice a day, and that kind of crap.

    So, my guess is that at some point it might, despite dragging an anchor of government oversight and idiotic level expenditures, and then we’ll have Paul Krugman crowing about how spending trillions of bucks we don’t have gave us a few hundred thousands private sector jobs to toss in the hat with the millions of government jobs now ordained to further rip us off.


    Though along with that, there IS a fine shade of difference here in that we’ll probably still be experience European levels of unemployment that Bambi’s advisors are telling us are to be part of this Faustian bargain with Satan’s economy of “jobless recoveries” and other stupidities not found in my old Econ 101 books.

    Naturally, if the voting block for the 2012 Bamb administration has the pitch power increased due to federal workers making 100K a year for tossing paper baskets around, who the hell are we to argue with THAT kind of economic performance, eh?

    Having said that, with all this going on, when Immigration Reform (Amnesty) finally gets popped through, at least you won’t ever worry about the indignity of manual (or is that MANUEL?) labor or flipping burgers or picking cucumbers. So, ya know, all’s fair in love-n-war in politics.

    The good news is that Obama will have you farting through silk and sucking down wine on the Riveria for all the sumtious goodies coming your way.

    So, take that as you will..

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