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Improving The Taste of Government For the Hashtag Generation

September 22, 2013 / Comments Off on Improving The Taste of Government For the Hashtag Generation

Smokey the Bear is getting an advertising makeover to stay relevant in these digital times.  Smokey has to be relevant in a user generated content world.  A worthy use of tax dollars?  Yeah, I think so in a lot of cases.  Fire Prevention, Seat Belts, Drunk Driving, Texting While Driving all valuable PSA campaigns.

So here’s the scoop on the new Smokey the Bear:

The ad agency Draftfcb has updated Smokey Bear and made him a hugger. A new series of public service announcements targets the social media generation and includes a Twitter hashtag, #SmokeyBearHug.

So these creatives morphed old Smokey the Bear into a hugger who said on his twitter feed he was “a friend of hipsters.”  I can handle the reinvention, I suppose.  The advertising agency guys that landed the gig are excited about their opportunity to work on an iconic government account:

“This was just this awesome, huge honor,” said Eric Springer, chief creative officer at Draftfcb Springer Southern California. “This was as cool as working for Coke. Brand government doesn’t have to put a bad taste in your mouth.”

That last sentence is a humdinger.  And here I thought the taste of government was once K Rations and would now be MRE’s.  Little did I know.  We have big dollar advertising creative guys who are worried about how our government tastes to its consumers.

Makes me think of the Dog Food analogy,  I don’t particularly like the taste of my Government Dog Food.  Do you?  BUT even worse is the phrase “brand government” which says so much.  The country has morphed even more so than Smokey has.