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Barack Obama Bows to Bibi Netanyahu…

April 13, 2010 / Comments Off on Barack Obama Bows to Bibi Netanyahu…

Signaling a fresh re-start to US-Israeli relations, Bibi Netanyahu took the courageous step today of (a) denying the Holocaust, (b) blocking Google in Israel and (c) jailing hardline Zionist settlers in east Jerusalem.

Barack Obama did his part to return the favor by bowing to Bibi via a Skype conference call and reaffirming Israel as a key US ally in the region along side Iran and Syria.

Press Secretary Booby Gibbsy said, “These constructive actions by Prime Minister Netanyahu will go along way to normalizing US relations with Israel and they also mark a solid step forward in the Middle East peace process.”

BHO Bears Full Burden of Kennedy Legacy Now

February 12, 2010 / Comments Off on BHO Bears Full Burden of Kennedy Legacy Now

Like the tall, thin, good looking, nice suit, give a good speech guy did not have enough on his plate already.

The upcoming retirement of Patrick Kennedy in Rhode Island leaves BHO as the last remaining Kennedy in elected office.

Who’da thunk?  Demon Sheep of Hyannisport are to blame.  More likely it’s the likely prospect of Patrick getting punked by his contstituents in November.  Kennedy’s 56% negatives spell D-O-O-M.

Post Mortem: Buddy Cianci is a shoe-in for Kennedy’s open seat. No one beats the Garlic Mountain — and lives to talk about it.

Joe Biden’s Big Input for West Point Speech

December 1, 2009 / Comments Off on Joe Biden’s Big Input for West Point Speech

Lotsa hoopla on MSNBC today about how Joe Biden was a critical player in setting the ‘new’ Afghan policy.  Joe’s insistence on transparency is to be applauded.  The guy is a serious player in a serious White House during serious times.  I especially like his idea of saying the Stimulus Bill created 30,000 new jobs for Americans in Afghanistan.  Absolute brilliance…

T-Shirt Non Sequitur for Amusement Only:

New Reality Show: BHO Wins a War

November 30, 2009 / Comments Off on New Reality Show: BHO Wins a War

My guess is BHO will do an amazing job channeling his inner Tony Blair when he gives his first post-DitherGate speech.  History remembers fighters not diplomats.  Blair figured that out.  But will Barry?

My question to all you punters and handicappers: 

What is the Over / Under on how many times the Prez uses the word “VICTORY” in his speech?

Snark:  will Gen McChrystal have to crash the party?

The 5 Layer Bean Dip of BHO’s Dropping Polls

November 24, 2009 / Comments Off on The 5 Layer Bean Dip of BHO’s Dropping Polls

November 24, 2009

The plummet of BHO’s Passion Index numbers accelerates as Rasmussen reports 42% who strongly disapprove versus 27% who strongly approve of the President’s performance.  BHO Passion Index = negative 15%.   Highest Rasmussen number EVAH!

Here’s a 5 Layer Bean Dip paradigm to divide the US electorate into quintiles from Far Left to Far Right — though each is not exactly 20%.  Call the Far Left and Far Right both about 15%.  Call the Center about 30%.  Left and Right are about 20% each.  Very roughly. 

In the length of one tweet or less, here’s the motivation behind how each group voted in the 2008 Presidential election:

The Far Left:  The Far Left voted for Obama because they know him to be one of their own. 

The Left:  The Left voted for Obama because they’re honest Democrats who love the BHO Fable that any person of any color could become Prez.

The Center:  The Center because they believed him when he said he was post-partisan and would govern from the center and McCain was sketchy.

The Right:  The Right voted against Obama because McCain was the lesser of two evils, though not by much.

The Far Right:  See the Far Left.  The Far Right held their nose and voted for McCain because they saw Obama as one with the Far Left.

So what’s the scoop in bean dip bowl?  As long BHO governs from The Far Left resistance from The Right will stiffen to 100% and The Center will continue to abandon him and his party.

Who’s got the Big Mo?  Not enough ‘new’ votes in BHO’s Far Left base to replace the vote attrition in The Center.  Plus The Right is now the motivated cohort for the next election cycle.