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Breaking: MSNBC reports Harry Reid Rewrites Senate HC Bill

March 10, 2010 / Comments Off on Breaking: MSNBC reports Harry Reid Rewrites Senate HC Bill

David Shuster of MSNBC is reporting that Harry Reid has rewritten the Senate version of the Health Care Reform bill to make Ticklish a pre-existing condition…

#HCRSummit Obama Nursery Rhyme

February 25, 2010 / Comments Off on #HCRSummit Obama Nursery Rhyme

The tall, good looking, wear a nice suit, run a nice roundtable meeting guy had a moment or two where he looked very petulant today. Not all Presidential even though he was clearly in charge. Fascinating.

Barry Barry quite contrary
Can you make HealthCare grow?
With shifting goals
And shrinking polls
And pretty BlueDawgs all in a row.

ObamaCare & Our Family Snow Day Cost-Benefit Analysis

Across Virginia and much of the country, students will get a basic Economic lesson in the form of Make-Up Snow Days.  There is no Free Lunch.  For every Benefit there is a Cost. 

My Mini-Me is grappling with the abstract concept of trade-offs with new found clarity.  Last week’s snow cancelled a scheduled sleep-over birthday party at Brendan’s.  A martial arts competition now conflicts with the rescheduled party.  “Tough call,” said Pops, “but it’s your call and you gotta make it.”

SNOW DAYS:  But worse than a Karate-Party trade-off was his realization that extra days might be added to the end of the school year.  Up to that point, Lil Brow thought Snow Days were F-R-E-E.

PIVOT:  Expecting ObamaCare to expand coverage, reduce costs and improve outcomes is kinda like believing every day can be a Snow Day.

Brendan’s party won out.

#MaSen Nursery Rhymes

January 18, 2010 / Comments Off on #MaSen Nursery Rhymes

Barry, Barry quite Contrary

How does your Garden grow?

With shrinking Polls and #p-2 Trolls

And pretty Blue Dogs all in a row.

#MaSen Headline: Ernest Byner Fumbles…

January 18, 2010 / Comments Off on #MaSen Headline: Ernest Byner Fumbles…

Martha Coakley is on the verge of being the Ernest Byner of Health Care Reform: Fumbling inside the 10 yard line with a trip to the Super Bowl in the balance.

My apologies to Browns Fans but accept some solace that it might be Scott BROWN who made the hit.

Hat tip to @daveweigel for the muse